Company history in brief

Modern time


The 1990′s brought a new era, so it was necessary for the Yard to adopt itself to a new free market economy conditions and a hard decisions had to be taken to restructure the company. An intensive action was undertaken in the fields of company’s organization and management, and the programme of financial restructure had to be implemented as well. After the Russian market has collapsed the yard had to be re-orientated and export start flowing to the markets of the west. In the effect, the mother company has been split into 13 independent commercial entities, which now co-operate with the Yard in fulfilment of its business commitments. These entities and the Yard share the capital grounds and form the “NAUTA” Group.

At the beginning of 1999 the legal status of the Yard was changed. Following the commercialisation process of the State owned companies, led by the Minister of Treasury, from January 1st 1999, the Yard was transformed into a joint-stock company STOCZNIA REMONTOWA “NAUTA” S.A. On January 1st 1986 the Yard was granted a status of a Defence Industry Company, and according to the Government regulation imposed on October 7th 1999 granting a support to restructure the industry of defence potential and the technical modernization of Polish Defence Forces, the Yard was included to a group of companies of the State Defence Potential working to the security needs of national defence.

In addition, on February 1st 2002 the Yard was qualified by the State Cabinet to join the companies of a particular commercial and defence importance. It is important to point out, that apart of a civil commercial production the Yard earlier performed the battle ships’ repairs and has built such ships in the past as well. Several tug boats were built in “NAUTA” for Polish Navy and Polish Coast Guard, and among the others the following battle ships underwent repairs: the destroyer ORP “WARSZAWA”, the submarines ORP “ORZEL”, ORP “WILK”, ORP “DZIK”, the hydrograph ship ORP “KOPERNIK”, the landing crafts and other. The repaired navy ships of former USSR and Russia’s Federation contribute to a total of over 255 vessels of various types.

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