Company Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

The NAUTA S. A. shipyard is an enterprise conducting business activity entailing the design, refurbishment, reconstruction and construction of seagoing structures.

The mission of the Company is to strengthen its market position as a reliable partner in the construction of our high-quality products and services, the satisfaction of our Customers – by fulfilling their requirements and expectations that are the priorities of the work of our employees, while continuously improving our Occupational Health and Safety levels including particular attention to the environment.

In course of implementation of these objectives, we constantly improve the efficiency of the Integrated Management System, which complies with the valid standards of management of quality, occupational health and safety, the environment and the AQAP 2110.

In course of our operations, we:

Our obligations:

The guarantee of implementation of the policy is the common awareness that responsibility for top quality, the environment and work safety lies with every employee, irrespective of their position.

The Company board declares support for activities stemming from the present Policy and ensures resources for the achievement of the described objectives and tasks.

Environmental Policy

The Environmental policy ensure, that realizing our products and services we meet the environment protection requirements and regulations by:

The Management provides the means and resources for projects related to implementation and effective functioning of the environmental management system. On behalf of the Board and all employees we assume responsibility for implementation of environmental policy during the projects.

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy

We’re aware that customer satisfaction is the basic condition for continued success of  our company as well as ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, subcontractors, guests and client’s representatives, we  determined the policy which emphasizes that:

The Yard's Management is committed to provide adequate resources for the implementation of "The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy”.

On behalf of the Management and all employees we accept responsibility for the implementation of “The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy”  during the projects.

The Fraud Prevention Policy

The Board of Management of “Nauta” Ship Repair Yard S.A. is fully aware of the responsibility for establishing work environment free from any form of abuse, detecting and preventing fraud and minimisation of their negative effects, establishes the Policy in accordance with effective external regulations:

Each employee is obliged to keep strictly to the external and internal legal requirements;

The responsibility for the structure of workplace free from any signs of abuse, the detection and the prevention of abuse and the minimization of their adverse effects lies on the Shipyard's Board of Management and on every Shipyard's Manager of the organisational unit side.

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