Petrobaltic platform conversion

Petrobaltic Platform

Three companies from MARS group – EPG, Nauta and Crist from MARS Shipyards & Offshore group convert the existing platform Petrobaltic from a drilling rig into a production unit. On 30th  October 2014 Nauta, EPG and Crist signed contract with LOTOS Petrobaltic.

So far, the platform Petrobaltic was used to make holes in search of hydrocarbons beneath the Baltic Sea. Now the unit is suitable for mining by, among others, dismantling and installation of drilling, installation of equipment for the oil and gas extraction and their separation, replacement of the legs, as well as the reconstruction of the pontoon and parts of the hotel and the construction of process modules.

Upon completion, the Petrobaltic will become the central production facility in the B8 field, with drilling work assumed by the ‘LOTOS Petrobaltic’. The launch of commercial production from the B8 field is planned for the end of 2015. The field's production potential is estimated at 3.5 million tonnes of crude oil. According to LOTOS Petrobaltic's estimates, it should yield some 220,000 tonnes of oil annually.

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