New buildings

Over 85 years of activity Nauta Shiprepair Yard has designed and built over 500 vessels. We produced in particular special purpose vessels like:

  • offshore and research vessels
  • fire fighting and rescue vessels
  • tugboats, barges
  • ice – breakers, dredgers
  • fishing trawlers

Newbuildings department contact

Director of Commerce

Krzysztof Juchniewicz
t: +48 58 621 2148
e: kjuchniewicznautapl

Head of Marketing in Newbuilding Division

Reza Sohrabian
t: +48 58 770 12 82
e: rsohrabiannautapl

In addition to complete vessels our offer includes production of:

  • steel hulls, steel hull blocks, superstructures and other ship constructions
  • aluminium hulls, superstructures and other constructions
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