Nauta Shipyard celebrates it’s 90 anniversary

90 years ago, on 7th October 1926 the Town Council of Gdynia passed the resolution for the necessity of establishing a shipbuilding enterprise, defines it shape and the site for its location. That day is the date of establishment of Nauta Shiprepair Yard.

Nauta conducted activity until 31 December 1927 when it was transformed into a joint stock company Gdynia Shipyard. The years 1936-1937 had their negative influence on the activity of the enterprise. Despite it, already in 1937 the company was reactivity with majority of the stock being held by Polish shareholders. Together with the development of the Gdynia Shipyard the shipbuilding and shiprepair industry for the fishing fleet developed.



The II world war left the enterprise in ruins – 98,5 % of the equipment was destroyed, over 60% of the buildings were demolished and transport means practically were non-existent.

In 1945 the period of fast reconstruction of the shipyard’s area commenced. At the beginning of December 195, due to mergering two enterprises existing there after the war, a state-owned firm was established under the name of Gdynia Shiprepair Yard.

Simultaneously it modernized and developed its production potential. During several years the shipyard became a highly efficient firm able to accept orders of every kind, even the most sophisticated ones.

In 1976 that is on the 50th Anniversary of the City Rights being granted to Gdynia the Yard has been given back the trade name “NAUTA” it was bearing before the II World War. This return to former prewar name symbolic significance, underlines the enterprise’s history and long tradition dating back to the beginnings of the city – a city that at an astounding pace was transformed from a mere fishing village into a major of maritime activities.

The 1970′s were of a big advantage to further growth of the Yard. The modern technologies were implemented and the infrastructure developed parallel to growing scientific background. The Yard became a solid partner of Polish maritime industry. It has entered the World’s market in 1973 when close co-operation was achieved with Holland, Italy and other western countries. According to the statistics, at the beginning of 1980′s the 60% of yard’s production was exported.

The 1990′s brought a new era, so it was necessary for the Yard to adopt itself to a new free market economy conditions and a hard decisions had to be taken to restructure the company. An intensive action was undertaken in the fields of company’s organization and management, and the program of financial restructure had to be implemented as well.

At the beginning of 1999 the legal status of the Yard was changed. Following the commercialization process of the State owned companies, led by the Minister of Treasury, from January 1st 1999, the Yard was transformed into a joint-stock company STOCZNIA REMONTOWA NAUTA SA.

At the end of 2012 Nauta transferred most of its production facilities to the area which previously belonged to Gdynia Shipyard. The acquisition of new land and water area has created enormous growth opportunities for Nauta Shipyard.


Now Nauta is one of the leading Polish shipyards that specializes in building vessels and hulls, repairs and classification inspections of civilian crafts as well as repairs and rebuilding of military craft. The Shipyard is also getting increasingly involved in newbuildings and production of steel offshore structures.

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