Nauta assembling next scrubber

Finnlines Plc once again has chosen Nauta Shiprepair Yard for the installation of scrubber system on the board ro-ro vessel. On 14 August  Finnmerchant entered to the Yard. 

This is seventh unit belonging to Finnlines, which arrived Nauta to have scrubber system installed to keep up with Sulphur Directive.

Apart of the installation of the scrubber system on the board Finnmerchant the general dock repair shall be performed.  Shipowner bought this vessel in January 2015. The 193 m long unit was built in 2003.

It may be recalled that in recent times Nauta installed exhaust gas cleaning systems aboard six vessels belonging to Finnlines. Firs vessel – Finnbreeze entered Nauta in November 2014 and the last one – Finnwave left Yard in March 2015. All vessels were built between 2011 and 2012 in Chinese shipyard – Nanjing. They are nearly 190 m long and 26 m wide.

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