Company history in brief


Nauta Shiprepair Yard has performed several thousands of different and extensive repairs on various types of ships, it has built over 400 small and medium size vessels for the fleets of fishing and the technical services (as the trawlers, tug boats, ice breakers, dredgers, dump barges and fire-fighting vessels).

Above all, “NAUTA” specializes in complicated conversions (more than 80 were done) that not only change the length and the breadth of the hull, but a complex replacement and refurbishment of ships’ devices and units is a part of our wok, as well as upgrading and finally completely changing the type of ship.

The origins

Shipbuilding and shiprepair industry developed in Gdynia along with the development of the port and the city. The year 1922 – Shipwright Franciszek Ledke opens his boat building workshop near today’s Waszyngtona street.

The foundation of an enterprise ” Shipyard in Gdynia” – an Association with limited liability was another important event in the history of shipbuilding in Gdynia. Unfortunately due to unfavourable circumstances the enterprise was liquidated in 1925.
7th of October 1926 – a milestone in the history of the shipbuilding industry. The City Council passes an Act for the necessity of establishing a shipbuilding enterprise, defines its shape and the site for its location. The site that until this day is occupied by “Nauta”. 9th of May 1927 the enterprise Shipyard “Nauta” Ltd is established.

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