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In January 1958 “Gdynia Fishing Shipyard” and “Shiprepairs Service” joined forces and together formed the enterprise “The Gdynia Shiprepair Yard” In 1954 the Yard obtained a floating dock.

But let’s turn back to the beginnings of the “Fishing Shipyard”. Its main task after war was to rebuild the Polish fishing industry. This meant not only repairs of the existing fishing fleet but above all building new vessels.

According to the first after war plan, the “Three Year Plan” 200 new units were to be build. New techniques and technologies were introduced. Instead of wood steel materials was used. In 1958 in the shipyard’s own construction department a totally new type of fishing vessel was designed.

Eleven years later the first fishing vessels of the name “Sola” was built.
During following years the situation of the Polish fishing industry necessitated directing the yard’s services at ship repairs. Gradually other shipyards took over the shipbuilding function that began with Franciszek Ledke’s workshop.

On 1st of June 1978, in the jubilee year of 50th anniversary of obtaining civic rights by Gdynia, the shipyard changed its name to Shiprepair Yard “Nauta”. This return to former prewar name symbolic significance, underlines the enterprise’s history and long tradition dating back to the beginnings of the city – a city that at an astounding pace was transformed from a mere fishing village into a major of maritime activities. “Nauta” is old as the city itself. Today’s ‘Nauta” is a modem shiprepair yard known to ship owners from all over the world.

In 1976 that is on the 50th Anniversary of the City Rights being granted to Gdynia the Yard has been given back the trade name “NAUTA” it was bearing before the II World War. At the same time the State Government has honoured the yard for its achievements by granting to it a Decoration of the FIRST CLASS WORK STANDARD.

The 1970′s were of a big advantage to further growth of the Yard. The modern technologies were implemented and the infrastructure developed parallel to growing scientific background. The Yard became a solid partner of Polish maritime industry. It has entered the World’s market in 1973 when close co-operation was achieved with Holland, Italy and other western countries.

According to the statistics, at the beginning of 1980′s the 60% of yard’s production was exported, mainly to the Soviet Union market (at that time), and the export share to this direction was ever increasing. For this reason a concept of Yard’s modernization was brought to attention. Yard’s expansion was foreseen so the nearby land was needed. The project has never become a reality.

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