Company history in brief


“Nauta” conducted activity until 31 December 1927 when it was transformed into a joint stock company “Gdynia Shipyard” S.A. The years 1936-1937 had their negative influence on the activity of the enterprise. Despite it, already in 1937 the company was reactivity with majority of the stock being held by Polish shareholders.
Together with the development of the “Gdynia Shipyard” the shipbuilding and shiprepair industry for the fishing fleet developed.

In 1936 the boat building workshop of Franciszek Ledke is taken by the Sea Fisheries Institute. In 1938 a limited liability company of the name “Fishing Yard” is created. The shareholders are: The Sea Fisheries Institute 96% and a forwarding company “Gdynika” 4%. In 1938 the “Fishing Shipyard” employed 120 people. Until the outbreak of the II World War 31 fishing boats were built. During ware time the shipyard served as a school workshop for the “old Gdynia Shipyard” used by the Germans.

After the WW2

The war left the enterprise in ruins – 98,5 % of the equipment was destroyed, over 60% of the buildings were demolished and transport means practically were non-existent. Also organizational changes took place. On the site of the old part of the “Gdynia Shipyard” the enterprise “Shipyard No12″ belonging to the newly created Association of Polish Shipyards was established. The reopened “Fishing” traditionally was linked to the Sea Fishery Institute.

In the fall of 1947 “Shipyard No 12″ was liquidated. In the place GAL Workshops were established, later on transformed into an enterprise “Ship Repairs Service”.

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