Stena's ferry conversion

Stena will convert one of its ferries at Nauta Shiprepair Yard. After a charter with DFDS Stena’s ferry m/f “Dieppe Seaways” has just entered Nauta Shiprepair Yard to be converted into m/f “Stena Superfast X” to enable her crossing between Holyhead (UK) and Dublin (IE).


M/V Kvannøy launching

On November 25st Nauta Shiprepair Yard launched partly outfitted hull of purse seiner/trawler Kvannøy. This is the 4th launching in Nauta this year.


Second Lotos' drilling rig in Nauta

On 21st, November 2014 drilling rig Lotos Petrobaltic entered Nauta Shiprepair yard for DD repairs. Before entering the dock some works shall be performed alongside the berth.

Russian bulk carrier in Nauta

In Nauta’s floating dock no 4 works are performed on board a Russian bulk carrier named Mikhail Kutuzov (L:181 m x B: 23 m).


Petrobaltic platform conversion

Three companies from MARS group – EPG, Nauta and Crist from MARS Shipyards & Offshore group convert the existing platform Petrobaltic from a drilling rig into a production unit. On 30th  October 2014 Nauta, EPG and Crist signed contract with LOTOS Petrobaltic.


New contracts for fishing vessels at Nauta

Last days Nauta Shiprepair Yard has signed two contracts for building partly outfitted hulls of purse-seiners for Norwegian and Danish clients.

First contract Nauta has signed on 25th September with Norwegian client- Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS. Accordind to the order Nauta will perform partly outfitted hull of 60,5 m – long fishing seiner. The unit will be ready for commissioning on June 2015. The contractual partner is also interested in the order next, similar seiner.


Scrubber systems at Nauta

Finnlines Plc has chosen Nauta Shiprepair Yard for the installation of srubber systems on board the six RO/RO vessels owned by FINNLINES Plc. Apart of the installation of the scrubber systems on board the above mentioned vessels the general dock repairs shall be performed.


All docks occupied at Nauta

Nauta experienced heavy traffic during the last months. During one day of August there were 16 vessels being repaired at our facilities at Czechosłowacka street and 4 vessels at the facilities at Waszyngtona street.

DCNS inks MoU with MARS

DCNS, a world leader in naval defence, signed Memorandum of Understanding with MARS Closed End Investment Fund, a Warsaw based fund managing Mars Shipyards & Offshore Group.

On 9th July in Embassy of France in Warsaw the MoU was signed by Mr. Bernard Planchais, Vicepresident of DCNS and Mr. Piotr Słupski, President of the Manegement Board MARS Closed End Investemnt Fund. The memorandum concerns further cooperation in the field of Naval business, including Submarine Project ORKA for the Polish Navy.


Co-operation with Polsteam expands

Nauta Shiprepair Yard fulfils further contracts for the largest Polish ship owner – Polsteam Shipping Company. In the nearest days three vessels of Polsteam and her subsidiaries shall visit the Nauta docks in Gdynia.

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